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The elevator came to an abrupt halt. I stepped slowly off of it, watching my step closely. The thin wood walkway, suspended above the floor, begins to creak as I stride across it. A small misstep send my stomach flying. Butterfrees dance and frolic in my stomach as I regain balance and look ahead. A lean person stood before me. I walk all of the up to him and return his gaze. His hair is as blue as a jet wave streaking the sky. His shirt, long and light blue reaching down below his waist, studded with buttons. I clench Vesuvius's pokeball. I knew Pancake and Meringue would not be ready to face Falkner. They were too unexperienced. "Hello challenger! I am Falkner, the outspoken gym leader of the Violet City gym. People say you can clip Flying-type Pokémon's wings with a jolt of electricity... I won't allow such insults to bird Pokémon! I'll show you the real power of the magnificent bird Pokémon!"
    Pidgey stood strong against Vesuvius's Ember attacks. I thought for sure they would deal more damage. Vesuvius took a direct hit to the stomach with Falkner commanding it to use peck while I was using Quick Attack. After taking the critical blow, Vesuvius was really struggling. I was I could do more, but all I had was an Oran Berry. I fed it to him in an instant which gave him a second wind. It was easy to give Pidgey the final blows after stopping it with quick attack. Falkner looked pleased, "The wind is finally with us!". I nodded as I heard the quick clack of him sending out another pokemon from his pokeball.
    I stand before another pokemon; this one I am not so sure of. The pokemon resembled Pidgey in many ways but has a larger build and more color in it's feathers. I whip out my Pokedex and it informs me that the pokemon that stands before me is in fact Pidgey's evolution. I bask in the sheer elegance of his Pidgeotto. After noticing that Vesuvius was slowly tottering in pain I had to do something. I retrieved Vesuvius and sent out the only other option, Helena. She slowly bounded around on the platform before giving me a jolly smile. "Prepared for a whirlwind of strength?", exclaimed Falkner. I returned,"I've been waiting for this moment for I long while." Helena dashed and bit Pidgeotto a few times but they proved ineffective and too strenuous to be used any further. Pidgeotto glided in the air and sent strong blasts of air at her, damaging her extensively. She pushed on to land a few more Quick Attacks and Tackles but then having to be switched out due to the constant damage of Pidgeotto's gusts. Vesuvius looked tired but still managed to deal the final blow of ember, hitting Pidgeotto right out of the sky. The thud of Pidgeotto's KO'ed body on the platform signaled the end of the battle. I had won my first gym battle without any losses.
    Vesuvius turns his head and shoots me a pleased smile. I gave him a wide smile back, he deserved it. Something then marvelously exciting happened then. I then watched as a bright light enveloped Vesuvius and luminous rays shot out of his body. The light then changed and transformed into a totally different shape. Out of the light emerged a new pokemon, but still looked as Vesuvius did before. I looked up from the new pokemon to see Falkner gaping at Vesuvius. "Is this your first evolution? Your Cyndaquil just evolved into a Quilava! I am glad to have shared this moment with you. Now here is the Zephyr Badge, you deserve it!"
    The stop to the Pokemon Center was anything but short. Nurse Joy took deep care of my pokemon. I stayed in my suite and had some green tea and a chocolate muffin as I waited for my pokemon to be healed. I gaze outside of the window, watching the slow but steady lowering of the sun just above the horizon. I had never taken the time to watch the spectacular beauty of a Johto sunset. The view is as scenic as ever. Then a melodic knock on the door pulled me out of my appreciation of the serene Johto region. I hoped up out of the chair and twisted the doorknob, opening the door. Nurse Joy stood before me holding a tray with two of my four pokeballs. "Will you be staying the night?", Nurse Joy asked. "Yes, thank you." I sent her a gratuitous smile just before shutting the door.
    The cobblestone streets make small crunching noises beneath my sneakers. I turn to my side to see Pancake slowly trailing after me in the air. We walked through a small passageway. I gave the ladies at the desk a small greeting and a smile before continue through the pass. Small ruins begin develop in front of me. I read a sign that tell me I am at the Ruins of Alph. I turn as my shoulder receives small tap. Pancake stirs in worry as we continue walking on the dusty path. I turn to my Pancake and reassured him that everything is okay as we cautiously entered a ruin. I slowly step down a small step ladder into a large underground chamber. I look around and see a rows of Rhydon statues. Pancake begins to tug on my shoulder, pulling me back towards the ladder. I get a small chill and decide the better decision would be to leave.
    I walk down Route 33 and see a large bridge cross above me. It was huge and extended far both ways down. I dash under the bridge to a stretching dock the bridges the way over a small pond. I send out Helena to stand next to me. We wobble wearily across the bridge, watching our steps so we don't fall into the pond. I then jump, almost off of the bridge and into the water, due to a call at me. I swirl around to see a fisherman calling me. I walk over and ask what he needed. "How's about a battle to pass some time?", he said. We battled and I easily grabbed the win after strategically using Meringue's poison sting and string shot. After stepping of the dock we walked briskly down the trail.
    We trained a bit before I enter an upcoming cave that a fisherman alerted me about. I brushed through some tall grass and battled some wild pokemon. I leveled up Meringue because I wanted for her to learn some new moves. In fact, I did level her up in which she learned a powerful new move, Fury Attack. Another surprise hit Meringue with our travels on Route 33. She evolved into a powerful new pokemon, Beedrill. This new form suited her, it fit her sassy and bountiful nature. She couldn't stay in that Kakuna body! Now I have a powerful revamped addition to the team who is ready for battle.
    I stop at a Pokemon Center to heal up my team. Before I could speak with Nurse Joy a man stopped me and said he had a special present from Prof. Elm. I gladly obliged to receive the gift and it was a joyous surprise. He walked outside for a brief moment then returned back to his spot in front of me. He held a container with a small seal on it. I cut the seal and opened the medium sized package. Inside laid something surrounded by cloth. An Egg.
Current Pokemon:
Quilava Sprite by Lorena677

Vesuvius Its A Boy :la: -

Level - 15

Moves -
Quick Attack

Partner - Helena
Former Partners - McKinely
Rattata by MiiJolly

Helena My OC Emotion -

Level - 14

Moves -
Quick Attack

Partner - Vesuvius
Beedrill by xg1

Meringue My OC Emotion -

Level - 15

Moves -
Poison Sting
String Shot
Focus Energy
Fury Attack

Partner - Pancake
Gastly Battle Entrance by Neslug

Pancake Its A Boy :la: -

Level - 15

Moves -
Night Shade
Mean Look

Partner - Meringue

Omelette Its A Boy :la: -

Level - 1

Moves -

Partner - N/A
Picture - N/A


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Jordan R.
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I love pokemon art and making comics! I love getting feedback so I can improve and thanks for viewing my art!

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